Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Chelsea at San Giovanni Laterano?

On our trip to Rome in October, we visited many, many churches. Half of them, it seemed, we either designed by or contained something sculpted by Michelangelo. More amazing, though, was what we found in the guest book of San Giovanni Laterano:

I’m not sure if Chelsea really signed this, but if someone was trying to be funny, they would have written “Nicole Ritchie” or “Paris Hilton” or something, who probably wouldn’t have set foot in San Giovanni Laterano, even if they knew what it was, for fear of it falling down on them. There’s a good chance that Miss Clinton, a graduate of Stanford and Oxford, actually visited San Giovanni Laterano. Whether it was on September 12, I don’t know.

But my wife and I contend that it was THE Chelsea Clinton who signed the same guest book as we did. It makes us feel important.


Ar-Jew-Tino said...

I can't believe you signed the same guestbook as Dawn Wolfer! Wow!

Anonymous said...

That signiture is mine. Sorry to disappoint but my name really is Chelsea Clinton and I am not the famous one. Dawn Wolfer, my friend happened to find your blog so now we are officially famous as all of my friends loved it. Hope you had a great time there, I know we did. Lots of luck!

Anonymous said...

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