Monday, March 26, 2007

Latest DC Slogan V

Home of The Lockheed Martin-McDonalds-S.C. Johnson & Son-Coca-Cola-Pfizer-AOL Smithsonian Institution for the Advancement of Consumerism


Heather said...

Ouch! It's times like these that make me a little embarrassed to work there.

But... we don't agree with the corporate sponsorship! We hate the sponsorship! At any other museum? Fine. At the nation's museum - unacceptable.

(Unfortunately, when forced to compete with Disney and the like, the money's provenance becomes less of an issue.)

Luckily, our most grievous offender just resigned, so we're all pushing for a nice Institutional recovery.

kwest said...

I kinda suspected that the worker-bees at SI don't like the sponsorship. Now Congress needs to pony up some money like they should...

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